Arthritis Disease Management and Treatment Intervention Programs

Helping Those Who Live With Arthritis

Arthritis Self Management Program (ASMP)

Arthritis Foundation

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The ASMP is designed to be a self management education program for all people who are living with arthritis. It helps people to learn and then to practice a wide range of techniques which can help them to not only build a personalized self management program . . . but also give them the confidence to actually live by it. Over a duration of 6 weeks, the instructors of the 2 hour sessions follow a very detailed protocol. It has been found that people who have attended the ASMP can not only better manage their arthritis but also report less fatigue, anxiety, frustration and depression . . . even a year later.  Check out the Arthritis Foundation for more details and availability in your area.

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP)

This self management education program is effective for people who suffer from many different chronic health problems – arthritis, lung and heart disease, diabetes – teaching valuable skills which really can make a difference to anyone who suffers from these chronic illnesses. Topics covered are things like appropriate exercise (always an important part of disease management), the appropriate use of medications, effective communication with friends, family, health professionals, the importance of nutrition etc. Again, people who took part in the CDSMP reported a significant improvement in their lives,  more likely and able to participate in household and social activities, reduction in pain, less depression and fear and greater confidence. Want to find out more? Click here.


Physical activity can help people who suffer from arthritis in many different ways . . . . pain reduction, improved function, enhanced mood and an overall better quality of life for all. Physical activity is also an essential part of the management of other chronic diseases which are common in adults who suffer from arthritis . . . . heart disease, diabetes, obesity, it really can help to prolong your life.  No wonder there are so many great physical activity programs which are directly aimed at helping people with arthritis.

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program (AFEP)

Formerly PACE – People with Arthritis Can Exercise – this program has been specially developed by the Arthritis Foundation covering different aspects of exercise which can help people with arthritis – relaxation techniques, activities designed to build endurance and other health education type topics. Classes are held 2 or 3 times per week and really can help you to increase mobility, confidence and decrease depression. Find out more about the AFEP in your area from the Arthritis Foundation.

Active Living Everyday (ALED)

That’s what we all dream about isn’t it? This focus group directs it’s aim on sedentary people to help them become and then stay mobile again. Weekly group meetings are held to learn behavioral skills, setting goals, overcoming barriers once they have been correctly identified etc. in short, how they can become more physically active. The majority of the actual physical activity is done away from the group, but it’s proved to a very popular and successful method of getting people moving! Want more details? ALED

Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program (AFAP)

You’ve guessed it, this one takes place in the water. Water based exercise is great for people who suffer from arthritis . . . the water takes a lot of the load for you! These classes are specially designed to improve the range of motion in the joints, flexibility, strength and endurance, as well as to help decrease pain. Check availability for AFAP classes in your area here.

EnhanceFitness (EF)

The EnhanceFitness program used to be called Lifetime Fitness, although the name has changed the goals are still very much the same . . . to deliver a community delivered evidence based exercise program which can increase the strength, boost the levels of activity and enhance the mood. The program focuses on flexibility, stretching, low impact aerobics, balance, strength. Click here to find out more about the EnhanceFitness program.

Fit and Strong

Are you fit and strong? Probably not as fit and strong as you were before you were affected by arthritis I’ll betcha’ . This community based program offers stretching, aerobic, balancing and endurance enhancing exercises to make you fit and strong again. It’s targeted more towards sedentary older adults who suffer from extreme stiffness and joint pain. The classes are held 3 times per week for 8 weeks at 90 minutes a go. Find out a little more information about Fit and Strong.

Walk With Ease (WWE)

A great approach to enhancing physical activity, this program, led by the Arthritis Foundation is a group walking program, whereby groups of up to 30 people meet and go for a walk. There’s always a pre-walk discussion about something related to arthritis and exercise (of course), followed by a walk (including warming up and cooling down exercises). Fancy taking a walk with ease? Here’s a little more information about the WWE program.